Hayami Estate

Multi-Character Vtuber.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the Hayami Estate. Here you can meet Stream mom Felicity Hayami and her son Ichiro Hayami. Come join us as we do whatever catches our fancy and hope you have a good time here at the Estate. We are 18+ due to how sexual we can be and Felicity does tend to swear like a sailor.

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Support Stream mom through these Support tiers. Each one has their own specific rewards that are stated in each one.

  • One off - This is a one off payment that helps Stream mom out a lot and is if you can't pay a monthly subscription.

  • Smol Steps - Thank you for helping your dear Stream mom.

  • Now We're Talking - This tier gets you mentioned in future Youtube videos.

  • Running to the Future - You get the previous tiers rewards plus a hand written note from Stream mom every so often. Plus early looks into future Youtube Videos.

  • Take Flight - All previous tiers plus $50 off at the Hayami merch store. You also get early access to future covers that get released.

  • Skies the Limit - You get everything but the $50 off is now $80 off at the store.

Here you can get help with covers you want made. Phantasm Studios offers a Yearly fee which covers Cover Art, Editing, Audio mixing and Marketing of your covers.Our only stipulation is that we use the artists/mixers we have on hand due to special contracts in place with them.Standard tier covers the basics of it all while Premium tier gives you higher quality work as well as some extra editing benefits and Licensing.The Producer consult is a consultation with our Producer Felicity Hayami about how you can further your career as a vocalist and is on a per consult basis.

Here you can pay toward special images, videos and voice clips from Felicity. Adults only!